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What is Lunar Poker?

Lunar Poker is 5 Card Draw Poker against the House. Players are empowered with unique and multiple options where they can improve their hand to fight against the dealer. At the same time, unprecedented side bet odds are on offer, along with the fully complimentary Instant Payout bonus feature. The player can bet on their own hand, other player's hands and even the dealer's hand!

Instant Payout Bonus: A first 5 card Royal Flush or Straight Flush will be paid anywhere from 1,000-1 to 1,500-1 and 200-1 to 500-1 respectively, on the Ante without any additional side bet. A true bonus feature for the player.

SUPER Wager: High paying side bet with 8 combinations for the 1st 5 Cards, including 250 to 1 for a Four of a Kind and 100 to 1 for a Full House paid on the Super Bet.

Draw Option: Exchange 2-5 cards or buy a 6th card for the price of 1x Ante to improve initial hand aganst the dealer.

Bet on the Dealer's hand: Place a SUPER wager on the Dealer's hand and win if the Dealer has one of the 8 Super combinations.

Bet on any other player's hand: Place a SUPER wager on any other player's hand and win if they have a Super combination. 

Double Combination Feature: Get paid on 2 Poker combinations in one winning hand, where only the highest combination has to beat the dealer for both combinatins to be paid.

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Lunar Poker Introduction

Where to play?

Lunar Poker is currently available in multiple casinos across the North American States of Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, California, Arizona, Minnesota, Indiana, Maine and Iowa. The game is expanding rapidly throughout the US, and will be live in at least 12 States before the end of Q3 2015 with Pennsylvania and Illinois also coming on line at multiple high profile casinos. Lunar Poker is speading quickly within our current States due to it's unprecedented performance.

Outside of the US, Lunar Poker also has a strong presence in Asia's newest gaming hub, Manila - Philippines where Genting's Resorts World and the beautiful Solaire Resort sees Lunar Poker ranked number one month on month. This has driven other major Manila operators such as the all new COD-Manila, Tiger Resort and Clark's Widus Resort to install this great game.

Rouge et Noir Casino on the Caribbean island of St Martin is also offering Lunar Poker to their tourist and local markets with strong success where they will soon install the game at their sister property Hollywood Casino.

In Australasia, Lunar Poker is already live at New Zeland's Skycity Auckland and Christchurch Casinos. Lunar Poker also went live recently at Skycity's Darwin property in Australia's Northern Territory. The game will soon be available in more major casinos in Australia and New Zealand before the end of 2015.

If you are a Casino operator and would like to have Lunar Poker at your casino, or if you are a player and would like your favorite casino to install Lunar Poker, then please contact us and our Team will work with you to make this happen. 

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How to play?

Most people will already know how to play at least 80% of the Lunar Poker options, and the other 20% will be learned in seconds. Lunar Poker is very much based on the regular 5 Card Draw games that everyone played at home with their family and friends. Lunar Poker brings simple 5 Draw Poker out of the home and onto the casino floors, for you to enjoy the thrill of competing against the House:

Placing Bets: The game commences with the player placing their Super bonus and Ante wagers. At this time, the player may also place a Multi Super bonus wager on any other player's hand and even on the dealer's hand.

Initial Deal & Super Hands: The players and the dealer are then dealt 5 cards each, the player then checks their cards to see if they have been dealt a Super hand which they must declare to the dealer. Any Super hands will be paid out immediately.

Play/Fold/Draw Decision: Once all Super bonus wagers have been settled, each player will make a decision to Play, Fold or Draw. If they player decides to Draw, they can exchange 2-5 cards or Buy a 6th card before deciding to Play or Fold. The Draw option costs a fee of 1x Ante and to Play, the player will place a Raise Bet of 2x Ante. The dealer cannot any Draw cards and stays with their original 5 card hand.

Dealer Super & Settlement: After all Play/Fold decisions have been made, the dealer's hand will be opened. If the dealer's hand contains a Super combination, then any Dealer Super wagers will be paid. Following this, the dealer will go head to head against the players' hands, provided that the dealer qualifies with Ace-King or higher. If the player's hand beats the dealer then the Bet wager will be paid according to the Bet Pay Table. If the dealer doesn't qualify then all Ante wagers will be paid and the Bet wager will push.

To learn more aboout Lunar Poker, please visit our INTRODUCTION page. For more in-depth details on how to play Lunar Poker please visit our GAME FEATURES page.