Lunar Poker

Play Five Card Draw Against the House

Double Combination Payout Feature

If the Player's best poker combination beats the Dealer's qualifying hand, the Player will automatically get paid on any 2nd Pay Table combination within their hand. This is provided that at least 1 of the cards in the 2nd combination wasn't used in the 1st combination. This most frequently occurs when the Player buys a 6th card but will also regularly occur in a 5 card hand.

Unique to Lunar Poker, the Player will get paid on their 2nd combination whether it is stronger or weaker than the Dealer's hand.


5 card hand K,K,K,K,A

1st Combination K,K,K,K pays 20-1

2nd Combination A,K pays additional 1-1. Total Payout = 21-1

In the above example, K,K,K,K, constitutes 4 of a kind which pays 20-1 and the 2nd Pay Table combination is A,K which pays 1-1, therefore the total Payout is 21-1.  Note: The Ace is not used in the 1st combination.

6 card hand 8,8,5,5,3,3 including 2 x 2 Pairs

1st Combination 8,8,5,5 Two Pairs pays 2-1

2nd Combination 8,8,3,3 Two Pairs pays additional 2-1

In the above example we have a hand where the Player has bought a 6th card to give 2 x two pairs, each of which pays 2-1, this gives a total payout of 4-1.   Note: The pair of 3's was not used in the 1st combination.  Also note that even if 3 combinations exist in one hand, only the highest 2 combinations will be paid.

6 card hand including two Straights

1st Combination 3,4 (Diamonds),5,6,7 pays 4-1

2nd Combination 3,4 (Clubs),5,6,7 pays an additional 4-1

In this example, the Player has bought a 6th card and now has a hand which includes two Straights. This is because there are two 4s and only one of the 4's is used in each of the two Straights. 3,4 (Diamonds),5,6,7 pays 4-1 and 3,4 (Clubs),5,6,7 pays an additional 4-1. Therefore, the Total Payout is 8-1.  Note: The second 4 (Clubs) wasn't used in the 1st combination

6 Card hand with 2 x Flush A,Q,9,6,7,2

1st Combination Flush A,Q,9,6,7 pays 5-1

2nd Combination Flush A,Q,9,6,2 pays additional 5-1

In this example, the Player has bought a 6th card to a Flush of Diamonds and has achieved a 2nd Flush in buying the 2 of Diamonds. Both Flushes pay 5-1 so the total payout is 10-1.  Note: The 2 of Diamonds wasn't used in the 1st Flush.

5 card hand A,K,K,3,5

1st combination K,K pays 1-1

2nd combination A,K pays additional 1-1

In the above 5 card hand, A,K,K,3,5 we have two Pay Table combinations, the 1st combination being a pair of Kings and the 2nd combination being the lowest Pay Table combination of A,K. Both combinations pay 1-1 so the total payout is 2-1.  Note:  The Ace wasn't used in the 1st combination.

6 card hand with 2 x Full House

1st Full House 8,8,8,5,5 pays 7-1

2nd Full House 5,5,5,8,8 pays additional 7-1

In the above situation where the Player has bought a 6th card, there are now 2 x Full House included in the 6 card hand 5,5,5,8,8,8. The 1st Full House is 8,8,8,5,5 and pays 7-1. The 2nd Full House is 5,5,5,8,8 and pays an additional 7-1 so the total Payout is 14-1.  Note:  The 5 of Diamonds wasn't included in the 1st Full House combination.

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