Lunar Poker

Play Five Card Draw Against the House

Draw Option

After the player receives their first five card hand from the dealer and before deciding to Play or Fold, the player has a unique and advantageous opportunity to take either of two Draw options to strengthen their hand against the dealer. The first of these two options is:

BUY a 6th Card: The player can Buy a 6th Card to add to their initial 5 card hand. In doing so, the player can use all 6 cards to make their strongest Poker combination(s) against the dealer.

This option is very exciting for the player when they are one card off achieving one or more high paying combinations in their initial 5 card hand.

Imagine being one card away from a Royal or Straight Flush and the player is given the chance to buy that card. Even if the player doesn't draw exactly the card they need, a card of the same suit will achieve a Flush at 5-1 on the BET wager or may even pair up with any of their other 5 cards to pay 1-1 on the BET wager. Best case scenario is that the player lands a Royal or Straight Flush after buying the 6th card but there are multiple possibilities with this great player option.

Player pays 1x ANTE and Buys a 6th Card trying to achieve 4 of a Kind or a Full House

The player draws a Jack to make 4 of a Kind

Dealer Qualifies and the Player's $50 BET wager is paid $1,000 at 20-1

The other exciting Draw option available to the player is the ability to Exchange 2-5 Cards. Once again, this option may be taken after the player evaluates their initial 5 card hand and prior to the decision to Play or Fold: 

Exchange 2-5 Cards: The player may discard 2-5 cards from their initial hand and the dealer will replace these cards with the next cards from the deck in play. The player can then use these new cards in conjunction with the cards that they kept to make the best Poker combination possible.

This Draw option comes very naturally to most Players as this is a true Draw Poker move commonly used in the "family and friends" poker game at home. Once again, this Draw option creates a significant advantage for the player over the dealer's hand.

Both of these options will require a fee equivalent to 1x ANTE and this is an excellent opportunity to beat the dealer, given that the dealer has no option but to sit on their first 5 card hand.

The player sees opportunity for Royal Flush or Flush

The player exchanges two cards for the fee of 1x ANTE

Players Draws the Jack & 10. Dealer Qualifies & the Player's $50 BET is paid $5,000 at 100-1

You can see how the Draw options fit into the flow of the Lunar Poker game by visiting the "How to Play" Game Feature page..

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