Lunar Poker

Play Five Card Draw Against the House

How to Play

Placing Initial Wagers

To commence a round of play, players place their ANTEs and their SUPER Bet with the aim of achieving any of 8 Super Pay Table combinations in their first 5 card hand. The Super bet must be equal to or greater than the Ante wager.

The player may place a Super bet on any other player's hand and/or also on the dealers hand!

After all ANTEs and Super Bets have been placed, players and the dealer are dealt five cards, with the dealer’s bottom card facing up. Players then view and evaluate their hands. 

Player places Ante and SUPER wagers     

Player and Dealer are dealt five cards each

Player views and evaluates their hand

Instant Payout Feature Winners

Upon viewing their initial hand, if a player has a Royal or Straight Flush in their first 5 cards, they immediately win the Instant Payout Feature and are paid at least 1,000-1 or 250-1 respectively on their ANTE, regardless of whether the dealer subsequently qualifies with Ace-King or higher. The Player’s round is then over. 

The Casino Operator may offer even higher odds on the Instant Cash Payout feature such as 1,500-1 for a Royal Flush.

$25 ANTE, Straight Flush - Instant Cash Payout odds 200-1. Ante is paid $5,000

$20 ANTE, Straight Flush - Instant Cash Payout odds 200-1. Ante is paid $4,000

$10 ANTE, Royal Flush - Instant Cash Payout odds 600-1. Ante is paid $6,000

SUPER Bet Winners

Also upon viewing their initial hand, if a player has made a SUPER Bet and is dealt any of the 8 Super combinations in their first 5 cards, then the player’s Super Bet is paid according to the Super pay table along with any other Super Bets which have been placed on that particular box.

The player then continues in that round, unless their Super combination is also an Instant Payout Feature combination (as per the above picture), in which case the player will be paid according to both pay tables and their round is then over.

$10 SUPER wager. Four of a Kind - SUPER Side Bet odds 250-1. Wager is paid $2,500

$25 ANTE, Instant Cash Payout - Straight Flush odds 200-1. ANTE is paid $5,000. $10 SUPER wager - Colored Straight odds 150-1. Wager is paid $1,500. Total payout of $6,500

First Chance to Play or Fold

After viewing their first 5 cards, Players have the option to Play or Fold immediately, or the Player may attempt to improve their hand by using two different Draw options (see below) and then decide to Play or Fold.

To Play, the Player places their 5 card hand face down in their BET box and then places a BET wager of 2 x their ANTE on top of their cards. The Dealer must qualify with an Ace-King or higher to Play against the Player.

To Fold, the Player simply places their 5 card hand face down on the layout beside their BET box. Their cards and ANTE wager will be collected by the Dealer.

This Player elects to PLAY

This Player elects to FOLD

Option to Draw - Buy a 6th Card

After viewing their initial 5 cards, the Player has the option to pay a fee of 1x ANTE to Buy a 6th card in order to improve the strength of their hand against the Dealer, this is also a great option to take if the Player is one card away from achieving a high paying combination.

After paying the fee, the Dealer will pass out the next card from the deck in play which the Player adds to their first 5 cards to make a 6 card hand. The Player then re-evaluates their hand and decides to Fold or Play.

Player pays 1x ANTE fee and receives 6th card

Player achieves 4 of a Kind with 6th card

Dealer Qualifies, Player is paid 20-1 on their $50 BET = $1,000

Option to Draw - Exchange 2-5 cards

Rather than buy a 6th card, the player also has the option to pay a fee of 1x ANTE to exchange 2-5 cards from their hand with fresh cards from the deck in play in order to improve the strength of their hand against the dealer.

This is very advantageous to the player as the dealer is unable to change any of their cards to strengthen their own hand against the Player. 

After paying the fee, the dealer will then collect the players unwanted 2-5 cards and replace them with the same amount of cards off the top of the deck. The player then re-evaluates their hand and decides to Play or Fold.

Player sees chance for Royal Flush

Player pays 1x ANTE to exchange 2 cards with the Dealer

Player achieves Royal Flush, Dealer Qualifies and Player is paid 100-1 on their $50 BET = $5,000

Dealer opens and checks for Super combination in their hand

Once all players have made a decision to Play or Fold, the dealer's cards will be opened and the dealer will verify if they have a Super combination in their hand. If the dealer does have a Super combination, all Dealer Super bets will be paid accordingly, if there is no Super combination, all Dealer Super bets will lose.


Dealer opens and Qualifies with Ace-King or higher

If the dealer opens their cards and Qualifies with ACE-King or higher, for players who beat the dealer, their BET wager is paid as per the Lunar Poker Standard Pay Table and their ANTE is a push. Players with lesser hands than the dealer will lose their ANTE & BET wagers.

Player has two Full Houses in their 6 card hand

The first Full House 88855 pays 7-1 on the $10 BET = $70

The 2nd Full House 55588 pays and additional 7-1 on the $10 Bet. Total payout = $140

Double Combination Payouts

Second Poker Pay Table Combination Payouts: Lunar Poker allows for a player’s winning hand to be paid for any second poker combinations within the 5 or 6 card hand. Even if the second combination doesn’t beat the dealer’s combination, provided that at least one card from the second combination is not included in the first winning combination, the second combination will be paid according to the Standard Pay Table.

Note: In the above example, the 5 of Diamonds was not used in the first Full House 88855.

Dealer doesn't qualify, player is paid 1-1 on the Ante and BET is a push

Dealer opens and does not Qualify with Ace-King or higher

If the Dealer opens their cards and does not qualify, then the player's ANTE is paid even money unless the player has a Straight or higher where they will be paid 4-1. The player's raise BET is a push, and the round of play is over.

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