Lunar Poker

Play Five Card Draw Against the House

Super Bet Feature

Player has a $10 SUPER wager and is dealt 4 of a Kind in their initial five cards. Payout is $2,500 at 250-1

The player can be paid for a SUPER hand and an Instant Cash Payout hand with one 1st five-card combination

At the same time as placing the ANTE wager, the player may will place a SUPER Bet wager equal to or greater than their Ante to commence the round of play. The player may also elect to place a Super Bet wager on any other player's hand and/or on the dealer's hand, these wagers can be of any amount within the table limits. If the player or dealer is dealt any of the SUPER Combinations outlined in the Pay Table below, any applicable SUPER wager will be paid out according to the respective odds:


Four of a Kind

Five Picture Cards

Full House



Three of a Kind


Five Same Colored Cards


200 - 1

150 - 1

100 -1

60 - 1

30 - 1

8 - 1

5 - 1

2 - 1

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